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How much does it cost?

We don’t do free, we all know that they are worth exactly what you pay, and are the reason behind skyrocketing false alarm rates. Our typical installation may start at $200 for commercial or $500 for residential — you can always be assured that you are getting a high quality system that you can rely on. Monitoring rates are usually $25 per month but can vary on special offers.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

In most cases no. We invoice on a quarterly bases and request two months notice of cancellation. In some special offer cases there may be a three year contract required.

What about insurance company discounts?

We are fully licensed and approved by the Insurance Companys and can provide you with an “Insurance Certificate” so you can receive their premium discount. Our central monitoring station is “AA ULC” approved in accordance with insurance standards. Some insurance companies may require proof that the alarm is in active use, this can be done by logging opening and closing reports.

Do I have to have my alarm system monitored?

No you don’t, but we do highly recommend it to assure that you have a response to any alarm signals.

Will my alarm work during a power failure?

Yes, all of our systems have back up power supplies so that protection will not be interrupted during a power failure. We use rechargeable standby batteries that will charge up again when the power is restored. The battery level is also monitored by the system so you will be alerted when your battery is running low.

What is better hard wire or wireless?

Nothing beats the quality of a properly installed hard wire system. You don’t have a lot of batteries that need changing (at your cost) and you are not vulnerable to those “unexplained” false alarms that you can get with a totally wireless system. Wireless systems are very popular as they are much easier to install and can be done a lot faster. In some situations a combination of both may be used. One of our service consultants can advise you on what is ideal for your situation.

Can I use my system when we are at home?

Yes, very easily by simply pressing the “STAY” command all interior sensors are automatically bypassed so you won’t set off a false alarm. There is no need to enter a separate bypass mode to remove interior zones

Does two way voice verification really work?

No. It might work in a small store where there is only one cash register and that is where a criminal confrontation will occur. For any other type of installation it is merely an advertising gimmick. In any situation a quiet burglar can go completely undetected.